no. 89


As a photographer it’s so much fun and such a privilege to see families grow. This sweet boy has turned into such a loving big brother!

It’s a wrap!


Thank you for another great year – I can’t believe this was lucky Christmas season number SEVEN for me (and seven in a row for several of you, thankfully)! I’ll be back in the new year to book sessions for as early as February 2015, but until then, I’ve scheduled a few more blog posts, so come back and visit! There are some exciting things happening with Lark in 2015, so do let me know if you’d like to be on my “once or twice a year” newsletter list!

no. 88


Oh how I love this family – and the boys are every bit as fun as they look in the pictures! It’s hard to believe they were still in cribs when I met them. So glad to do family portraits this year!!

no. 87


Oh, so tough to narrow down for a blog post from this session! How happy am I that we finally did a family session? SO HAPPY! This is my seventh year photographing these cuties – precious clients to me!

no. 86


Just loved seeing this family again this year! I’ve photographed them since the big boy was just a wee newborn baby! Unbelievable how time flies!

no. 85


The oldest three are treasured yearly clients, but I was so glad to meet the youngest two this year! So fun to take cousin pictures with all five together!


no. 84


I volunteer to babysit these kids. Seriously, they are bundles of joy, and I look forward to their session every year! (I love the boots, mom!)

no. 83


Gotta love a session where the big boys come and say “I’ve decided I’m just going to smile.” Hallelujah! I just adore this family (and the red coat that wasn’t supposed to be in the session but became the perfect little color burst).

no. 82


I realized last year that I didn’t get around to blogging almost half of my sessions and I’m hoping to do better than that this year! Many more to come, but this session and a couple coming up choke me up a bit when editing. I have lots of baby/toddler clients who are now winning science awards and doing electricity experiments with Dad and laughing so hard they have to pull their face to their hands and giggle some more – like these two sweet girls!

no. 81


Love, love them! What a darling boy – yes, he is every bit as sweet as he looks!

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