no. 97 [at home with newborn baby sis]

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This newborn session was everything I love: sweet siblings, squishy, adorable, happy newborn baby, neutral outfits, soft light, family laughs. So happy to see this family again with their new addition!

no. 96 [family portraits at hyatt lost pines]












I met this family earlier this week at the Lost Pines Hyatt resort in Bastrop, which was such a beautiful backdrop for family portraits – and just enough foliage budding for spring to add pretty color in the background! These girls are the sweetest of sweet and cutest of cute!

no. 93







I bought a new lens during the off-season – and my dear friend had a new baby! Perfect timing? I think so! She let me stop by casually (I mean like “hey can I take a family picture?” fifteen minutes before leaving casually) to test out my new lens. I have to say, I don’t like switching out equipment much and this lens and it only took me three years of consideration before I took the plunge, but I’m very happy with it! I love you, H fam, and I’m glad it took less than three years consideration to add you to my dearest friends collection!

wildflower center

wildflower center tree day photographer austin

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve shared personal pictures on my blog and several of you who’ve met my son over the years mentioned it this past year (how lucky am I to have clients like you?!). I thought I’d try to be a little better at sharing! Today we went to the tree winter walk at the Wildflower Center in South Austin. I always complain about how hot it is around Christmas in Texas (we want snow!), but I have to admit that I was happy to see the sun today after a week of mostly clouds and cold! We weren’t really expecting much, but my almost-nine-year-old had so much fun. They Might Be Monkeys! was there helping the kids climb trees, and I have to say they were a great bunch! We got a little inspiration to put lots more swings on our live oaks at home; they have lots of swings up and kids were having the best time. I always look forward to putting the camera away for the month of January after a busy fall, but funny how at this time each year I’m dying to get back behind it!



I printed one of my favorites of my son from a couple years ago in my new framing line! I love that these frames are made using natural materials with a green process! These frames are now available on the Signature session product line.

no. 92


I just adore this family and am really looking forward to meeting a newborn baby next year (hint, hint)!

no. 91


Well, they aren’t babies anymore! Six months sure makes a huge difference! Hoping to see you guys in California next year!!

no. 90


Mom wanted a session capturing a classic look in a modern style. Heaven for me! Such a treat to photograph these cuties at Laguna Gloria!

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