no. 105 [life at home]




So one of the girls looked over at her dad singing and playing guitar on that chair, came up to me and whispered a request to take her a picture of him right then. And then the kids went on their beds and all sang along with him. And mom maybe took the first second of the day to sit – I took a lesson from her on dedication during the session. Yep, that pretty much sums up this family. (Heart officially melted.) Thank you, G fam… you’re great!

no. 104 [three generations]


What a treat to photograph this generational portrait of three gorgeous, fun women (on one of their actual birthdays to boot)!

schedule update

Just a little update on schedule since I’m out of town and unable to return phone messages at the moment. My next availability to photograph sessions on a weekend is June 6th and best way to reach me is at jennifer @ larkaustin .com (remove spaces). Thanks so much for your patience!

no. 103








What a dreamy session – cute sisters, gorgeous nursery, ticking stripes, happy family. Favorites!

no. 101 [happy and bright]


What a sweet duo these two are – they are every bit as fun to be around as they look in their portraits! And you would never know that our happy spring session was photographed in 59 degrees, would you? 😉

no. 100 [family portraits at laguna gloria]


So, so great to see this family again at such a pretty location in just the perfect outfits for Laguna Gloria! These two kiddos have the cutest personalities… and I never did find out what the actual Halloween costumes were, Mom! 😉

no. 99 [brotherly love]


Can you believe this cuteness?! This big brother LOVES being a big brother. And Laguna Gloria was oh so pretty today!

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