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I bought a new lens during the off-season – and my dear friend had a new baby! Perfect timing? I think so! She let me stop by casually (I mean like “hey can I take a family picture?” fifteen minutes before leaving casually) to test out my new lens. I have to say, I don’t like switching out equipment much and this lens and it only took me three years of consideration before I took the plunge, but I’m very happy with it! I love you, H fam, and I’m glad it took less than three years consideration to add you to my dearest friends collection!

wildflower center

wildflower center tree day photographer austin

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve shared personal pictures on my blog and several of you who’ve met my son over the years mentioned it this past year (how lucky am I to have clients like you?!). I thought I’d try to be a little better at sharing! Today we went to the tree winter walk at the Wildflower Center in South Austin. I always complain about how hot it is around Christmas in Texas (we want snow!), but I have to admit that I was happy to see the sun today after a week of mostly clouds and cold! We weren’t really expecting much, but my almost-nine-year-old had so much fun. They Might Be Monkeys! was there helping the kids climb trees, and I have to say they were a great bunch! We got a little inspiration to put lots more swings on our live oaks at home; they have lots of swings up and kids were having the best time. I always look forward to putting the camera away for the month of January after a busy fall, but funny how at this time each year I’m dying to get back behind it!



I printed one of my favorites of my son from a couple years ago in my new framing line! I love that these frames are made using natural materials with a green process! These frames are now available on the Signature session product line.

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I just adore this family and am really looking forward to meeting a newborn baby next year (hint, hint)!

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Well, they aren’t babies anymore! Six months sure makes a huge difference! Hoping to see you guys in California next year!!

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Mom wanted a session capturing a classic look in a modern style. Heaven for me! Such a treat to photograph these cuties at Laguna Gloria!

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As a photographer it’s so much fun and such a privilege to see families grow. This sweet boy has turned into such a loving big brother!

It’s a wrap!


Thank you for another great year – I can’t believe this was lucky Christmas season number SEVEN for me (and seven in a row for several of you, thankfully)! I’ll be back in the new year to book sessions for as early as February 2015, but until then, I’ve scheduled a few more blog posts, so come back and visit! There are some exciting things happening with Lark in 2015, so do let me know if you’d like to be on my “once or twice a year” newsletter list!

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